Need More Staff!

So I currently own a darkrp server. It gets somewhat a lot of players, but it is very hard to manage because of the limit on staff I have. I am wondering if anyone on facepunch WHO ISN’T A TROLL would want this position. You will get your own custom class and a position in staff. Just reply if interested <3 Also friend me on steam

Hmm, I’m bored and I might be interested in helping you out. So long as you don’t expect me to spend all my life on your server. I’m learning lua right now so a lot of my time on gmod will be spent on that.

I will be staff only if I can be abusive.

Moral of the story: don’t hire strangers, hire trustworthy people from your player base.

Nicely put. Don’t hire people just because they can reply to a thread on a forum. Find some trustworthy players on your server, not a random person from here.

I’m Only Going To Set Them To A Trial, I Will See From There

why’d you suddenly do that every-word-capital thing if you didn’t do it in the OP, anyway people are right, it’s really best to build your admins from your community, even if it takes a while


lol wong thread