Need More Tech!

(Houses) Wood -> Metal -> Brick -> Concrete -> Steel -> Titanium

This should solve the issues with raiding. No need to nerf C4’s , they are already pretty hard to craft. If you have stronger materials to build houses from , safety shouldn’t be an issue.

(Weapons) Melee weapons ( Like the ones we have now, hatchet etc ) -> Bow -> Crossbow -> Muskets / early medieval guns -> early world war 1 and world war 2 weapons -> And finally modern weapons.

The jump from hatchets and pickaxes to m4’s is way too fast.

Getting to end game is way too fast, there needs to be more customization. It should take atleast 250 game hours on a server to reach end game, that way the game wouldn’t get repititive fast.

Houses: who the hell builds a house out of titanium? Raiding is not going to be solved either way, once people group up, eventually they will have enough c4. bigger and better means that there is more loot to grab, those houses will be the first to get blown open, then the complaining cycle continues.
Weapons: They are coming eventually. Do agree here though
Getting to the endgame is way too fast: Well of course it is, we are in early alpha. There is no content currently, just build, die, and kill. As the game goes further into development, we will get more content, I am certain.

it seems you dont play on servers with population over 150+ , this shit becomes so hard, you will have your 1000 game hours easily, fights for wood and ores looks like the ones for airdrops. About the medieval weapons, i think its not so bright idea, its not like rust is occuring in medieval age, so if you have blue-print you can teoretically make m4, iam not saying its easy, but…
On the other hand, i can agree on some building material, but i"d go only for bricks.
IMO, its easier to craft 9mm gun or granade, then wall from titanium or steel.
I have good expectations for developers, since they are making the game almost realistic, so i look forward new additions to the game.

Yea, and sry about the long story, i just wrote my point of view on your post.