NEED MORE (Youtube Mini Series) Look here!

Hey guys! Im looking for people with Garry’s Mod EXP!!, I going to be starting a mini srs here on my channel ( and i need Voice Actors, Creators, and someone for script ideas. ( I will edit) Please msg me if intrested MUST HAVE GARRY’S MOD or willing to buy. Serious only, also only people who are willing to have fun but Liston, i don’t like dealing with kids…:zoid:

Still looking for more!

You’re starting a Youtube mini-series and you’re looking for someone for script ideas? If you’re going to start something then get everything straight about the idea first.

No i do have script ideas for a couple of episodes, but 2 minds are greater then 1.

Having more people with the ideas will fuck everything up.

I hafta disagree, i mean anyone is open to throw a idea out but at the end of the day im the decision. If it’s a great idea we can move on it, if not we can move on.

Post some of the content you have created. If you haven’t created something yet, don’t bother finding a crew - find out if you can do this whole project first.

well, as far as this idea goes yes its a new idea, but you can check out my youtube page and check out some of my editing skills, and some other game videos i have done. I know im capable of doing this project as i have done some in the past (before youtube). Also, im going to be using Source Filmmaker for some random fun too :slight_smile:

You haven’t done any GMod videos, only MW3 montages and plenty of minecraft videos.

My opinion is this:

Try doing a video for yourself, just a test one. And discover techniques you can do in Garry’s Mod for the desired effect, learn mapping for custom maps for your “future” machinimas.

Learn more features in Sony Vegas or your desired video editor.

Learn how to voice act as well.

Sorry but no. There’s not going to be anyone joining your project if you’ve done nothing GMod wise before. I mean, you haven’t even posted any ideas here yet of what your project is about. It’s pretty much just “hi i wan make film but nevr done gmod befor!”.


Also you’ve literally JUST bought GMod and you have about 2 hours in it. You are being WAY to enthusiastic with this, like ALL people who just got GMod are. You need to step up your game first and release some GMod content before getting a crew to help you out.

And just one more thi- Oh never mind Jackpody beaten me.

Ok sounds good ill do what i can, also just got that Source Filmmaker. Ill throw something together with that 2.