Need movie helpers and actors

Hey i need people to help and act in my new garrysmod machinimas
People can do anything that they want wich include the following.

Voice acting
screen acting
ragdoll posing
script writing
in game recording
movie editing

If you want to help then just leave you’re steam i.d and i will contact you.
I will probably be paying some people who help alot and have helped made a few movies.
And i like to make good progress, i have no time for people who constantly mess around.

If you have any questions just ask but if its to flame please don’t bother.

P.S - I would give you guys some examples of my past works but i deleted my old youtube account.

More info. Give us a plot of one of these ideas. Also sounds like a “I get credit you do work” request.

I can ** 100% ** guarantee that who ever helps out in this movie will get the full credit that they deserve.
And i have planned a comedy sketch machinima and just basically need some voice actors and ragdoll posers to help with that as i script write and come up with the ideas, plus i own a server wich we use to do the movies so i look after that aswell.

Bump: Sorry for bumping but i am in need of people.

I could do screen acting and probably some basic editing.
I would voice act, but my brummie accent isn’t really that, shall I say beautiful.

Sure I’m up. I’ll do voice acting, or building scenes (Not maps, but props).

I need you’re steam i.d’s

Hmm… I am quite nervous about this considering there is a device made that can find passwords with only your steam id…

One sec lemme go get it. Please dont hack me :stuck_out_tongue:

send me a pm.

STEAM_0:0:22213837 I can build scene and all that shit :slight_smile: but voice …nothing for me :slight_smile: Just add me. i think it will be funny xD


I hope to see you on steam =O

Every time I see one of these threads I can’t help thinking “matt.wild”…

lol i hated him ,well not well annoyingly hated him if you know what i mean, when i used to browse here just for help he’d always be on here with something stupid i’d laugh every time.

I hope i ain’t doing the same lol i just need some people to help in my machinimas, is that such a problem? :slight_smile:

I can be a Screen actor,

I.D Is Asaratha

Or do you mean the Numbers one?

No its my mistake i want you’re i.d NAME no number so yours is fine. Thanks.

Need some wire contraptions/Expression 2 coders?


We n

you’re matwild.

Sounds interesting, my ID is “[BVA] Lonneybat6”. I can do screen acting and possibly ragdoll posing. Voice acting may be a problem as my mic doesn’t always work :/.

So…? You don’t actually do anything do you?

lol i gave you my steam ID ;D

Here is my Name: Xeno_gaming so you can add me, i can something with wire,(phx) hammer if you need somethinge change on a map, or new map. Hmm, i can anything in gmod :=) So just add me, it sounds fun to make a movie ;D

Hehe. xD


He will, he just need more people so the movie is more real, if you understand me :?