Need MP7 from HL2 Enhancement Mod

Hi, Guys!

I’m having some major trouble finding the “MP7” from “HL2:Enhancement Mod” and i am in need of some help, i can’t seem to find it anywhere. If anyone happens to have it could you please post it?

The mod isn’t finished or released, so it’s no wonder you can’t find the models from it.

Wait untill it’s finished, or untill it dies completely and whoever made the model maybe releases it.


Oh? this is news to me. What about “Missing informations” and this gem, was it released has someone ported it?

MI is also still work in progress and/or dead. The MP7 hasn’t been in any of the released builds.

FYI the mod’s not released yet- it’s also not dead yet either, we’ve decided to wait for Source 2 now that it’s been announced officially. We feel it’d be a waste to make everything for the current engine when we can most likely move straight to the much better second version of the engine when it comes out.
Also all assets are private at this point until release or if we do die off.

Because we have no idea what Source 2’s limits are. Without that knowledge it’s better to wait as you could design all the assets at this point to work in Source 1 or another more updated engine like UE4, but then have to redo it all later when Source 2 comes out. Especially in the case of materials.
Also we’ve been kind of put off doing HL2:EM stuff for a bit due to several very large conundrums that’ve happened throughout the development thus far. Top that off with not many people doing any work in the first place, and you have a mod in hiatus.
We haven’t been idle in taking a break from the mod though, I for one have been doing model hacking/porting to better understand how Source works (and to get good grips on how to properly rig models), as well as learning 3d modelling and other avenues.


Alright would any of anyone happen to have a model of “2nd prototype” of the “MP7” as it probably been better to ask for that instead, It looks like this.

There is the MP7 and it’s prototype in Floater and Bloo’s CS:GO weapons pack:

Thanks man! Downloading now and hoping for the best.

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Alright that may well be a prototype but it has characteristics of the later prototypes models and that of the final, Thank you for finding this.

I ported the MP7 in that pack and I’m pretty sure I made a prototype version, even if it’s not in any of the pictures.

I know I made one without the protruding barrel and I think I made one with a shortened rail.

The one without the protruding barrel also has the shortened rail, from what I can see here:

That’s the one I was talking about, yeah. I forgot that I took any pictures of it :v:

Oh, Hey! Maybe you can tell us what prototype you based your model on?

It’s just loosely based on this one and the one that appears in HL2. I didn’t adjust the textures except to remove the shadows from the side rails, but I probably should’ve removed the pattern on the grip.

Yeah! That may well explain that then as at first it look like a MP7 with half of its fiddly bits removed. Thank you for clearing that up.