Need new role play community names

Hey guys, me and a few friends are starting up a new roleplay community and server and are in desperate need of name ideas for the community as we are terrible at thinking of names.

The best one will be chosen and the user will get super donator status on the server when its publicly open, i know its not much but its the best we can do.

You want to make a community, but you can’t even figure out a name?

Please try again.

Inferno RP

BlackOut RP

Devastation RP

Best I could think of :slight_smile:

What this guy said.

Alright, if you can’t come up with a name, then don’t come on facepunch asking for name suggestions for your community.
Make up your own original name that defines your community and the style of the RP. Try brainstorming some ideas, give it some time, after a while a name will come to you.
Don’t rush it.


oh wait, that’s our server name, srry

Unoriginal Gaming

3xtreem dark RP

That wei pepul knoe itz legit.

Serious names:
AAFP -YourRolePlayThemeHere RP
(Acronyms are for pimps.)

AS - AcronymsSuck RP

Make your own name that your friends are comfortable with. Those are always the best names.