Need Non-Shit Textures

I need generic textures of like building interiors and exteriors, u know floors, carpet, plaster walls, stucco outside, etc… Hl2’s textures are shit so I need some stuff that’s more refreshing. Anyone know any good packs for this? And don’t tell me cncr02 because those are terrible too.

EP2 textures are quite nice, although what style do you want to use them for?

Try going to They have some good ones.

I make buildings and stuff and I don’t want them all to look like run-down shit holes just because the wall textures all had dirt on them or whatever. Modern, clean stuff basically.

Oh ok. Well, there are some good texture sites around the web.

Here are some:

The ship as awesome textures for that! Altough they are a little “cartoonish”

Mappers encyclopaedia in the section sticky has a huge section on textures, check it out.