need noob tutorials on importing exporting stuff back and forth between garry's mod and 3dsmax

I am entirely new to modelling and I’m looking for some tutorials on how to set up file paths, and import and export things between garry’smod and 3dsmax. modelling seems very straightforward but the whole import/export process is still very confusing to me. I would like to know the very basics because I am just a beginner and I want to start making things for garrysmod. any links or videos, or write ups would be appreciated!

I agree, I need a good tutorial which can show us how to rig models in 3DS Max to Garry’s Mod as ragdolls. I got Courage The Cowardly Dog models and Jak and Daxter models, ya know.

You’re going to need an SMD exporter/importer plugin for 3ds max to allow you to import and export SMD files.

After you’ve exported your model, you’ll have to create a qc file.
Use both of them to compile the model into a usable model for the Source engine. To compile you can use something like GUIStudioMDL.

To decompile a model, get a .mdl decompiler to retrieve the SMD and qc. You can then import the SMD into 3ds max and play around with it.

If your using 3ds Max, look up the Wall Worm tools, this is probably a must have for anyone modelling for the source engine. Also, checkout a tool called Crowbar, it might work out better for you then playing russian roulette with CannonFodder’s old decompiler. I think even GUIStudioMDL is prone to make mistakes from time to time.

I just downloaded and installed wall worm model tools the other day. do I need any other plugins to import and export stuff?