Need of a dev

So I am making a gmod server with a friend and we want to create a huge community but we are in need of a dev who would like to join that community and also co own the server with us.
We are looking for a dev not looking for money but looking for fun, trying to make something people will look back and be like “Damn the content this guy created is amazing” “we had an amazing time on here” “this addons are amazing”

If you wanna be that guy please add me on steam

Leave a comment on steam so I know it is you

“we need someone to do all of the work for us and get partial credit, someone who could equally spend an insignificant 30$ a month on a server rental”

Sure just put this:

hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "Hush", function()
for k, v in pairs (player.GetAll()) do if
v:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:0:42343695" then 

(Ignore the fact that I forgot a few checks)

in lua/autorun/server for me?

Edit: pro lau

Well you’ll get a Lua error because the first argument of hook.Add should be a string

sure i’ll come and backdoor…i mean uh, develop your server

What are your qualifications? If you expect people to work for free, maybe you have a 10 step plan to make money?

You know what, you’re right. :v:

No wonder my shit always breaks.

Here’s a few things you need to consider:

  1. What are your goals and what do you want to achieve?
  2. How will you attract and retain members?
  3. How will you fund your services?
  4. Will your service funding be sustainable if someone important moves on?
  5. Is your service funding legal and tax declared?

You really should think of your new community as a business venture. If you want to add me on Steam, I’ll be happy to advise.

I am currently developing a website for the server with a mybb staff member (Work in progress)
We want to achieve a min of 20 avg players every day(full server)
I am working with a partner on the server who is willing to pay out of his pocket for this.
We already have the server up and running, we just need a dev who can help us grow as a community with amazing addons that just cant be achieved by getting them of some site.

We are starting slow, we want to get the server full before we upgrade to 30 slots.
We already have a donations system that we got from a friend of ours Vrondakis pretty big name around gmod dev community, we would work with him but he just doesnt have the time to work with us.

Center your text yo

I am aware of that error
We are currently making it so the User sign in/usercp options appear on the right side not the left but that messed up the text for everything under it. We were like “meh we’ll fix later”
It looks ok for signed in users tho

Surprisingly not a bad theme at all, is it completely yours (and that guy who helped you)?

It’s some sort of thing based on the Carbon theme for MyBB, but quite a bit modified.
They just removed the credits of the original author in the footer.