Need oskutins map Gm_ship3 reworked into space ship, have source VMF

oskutin very kindly provided a number of unfinished VMF’s and offered them to people that are interested in doing modifications.

The map I want reworked is Gm_ship3.

I’ve pulled this into hammer and have had some bit of luck as a complete newbie in a couple hours - but I want something nice.
Firstly, I would like to have it cleaned up as much as possible in preparation for more detailed work.

I hope to have updates made to this map in increments, and here are some of the things I’m looking for

Phase 1:
1: Remove all props (except lights…doors are a pain in the small corridors as well, so go ahead and take them out - will replace later)
2: Give map a simple space/stars skybox
3: Replace textures with dev textures (with differentiation for say walls vs floors vs ceilings)

Concept ideas (I have only been using hammer a few hours, don’t judge me): - engineering - bridge area - medical bay

Phase 2: I think there are some walls and rooms I might want to change a bit to make getting around the ship a little easier
Bridge area
Captains office (probably on bridge, near one of the sides)
Medical Bay
Crew Quarters
Eating area
Shuttle bay

Can anyone give me a quote for phase 1? Recommendations?

Uh, seems that you messed the quality compared to the orginal one: (Found that from google :Vv:

Very interesting, I am missing all of that. I saw something about not having the textures in the correct places could cause this? I didn’t know where to put the textures, and had just unrard the archive to a maps folder on my desktop.

And not to tear you down again, but reworking the entire ship into a space ship pretty much means redoing all of the brushwork in the map, and swapping out all of the content.

That is sort of what I was doing already, while playing around with the map in Hammer. Deleted the content and started putting in some generic brushwork. Don’t worry, tear me down… I have a very thick skin :slight_smile:

I don’t really need all of the pipes, panels, and control boxes. I like the corridors a little more opened up and the such. I guess from all of the different maps I looked at, this one looks like the best possible starting point. (in regards to overall architecture, many areas in a confined space, vmf is available, etc)

Well i’ll think it’s pretty easy to convert that into space ship.
You can turn the cardeck into gargo hold and the unload ramps into airlocks.
Then you could just add some exterior detail such as wing like things with solar panels and stuff like that.

Another point to note is that I want to make this nice, and then share it with others so they can make their own modifications. (Say if they want to put two ships on one map, and give the other a different color, or perhaps put a planet in the map with the ship)

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The first encouraging comment I’ve seen here!

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I’m also getting permission to look at and work on rp_Serenity_v1. I am finding out if I would have the same license to share any changes made back to the community at the moment. However, I was told to decompile (as it’s not optimized) … so I’ll have to see how that goes.

That said, I still prefer gm_ship3 as it has a lot more character in its architecture.

What is a reasonable price for what I am asking? I’ve been reading the forums and it seems if anyone tries to guess and comes out too low, everyone yells at them for being an idiot that has no idea what work needs to be done. If they offer too much, nobody is going to correct them… :-/

We don’t yell at them when we tell them their price is too low. We only start yelling when they act like they know more about the pricing of maps than we do. And for a total rework and this kind of map you’re looking at well over 100-200$ easy. And we aren’t assholes, if you offer $600 for a gm_construct remake we are going to correct you.

Ok thanks for the pointers. I don’t know anything about the pricing of maps. I do web development and have done some graphics work, so on some level I get it.

So, is there someone that can do justice to the map oskutin has provided? Sci-fi, space cadets?

Is there anyone you would recommend yourself, oskutin?

Here are other ideas that I have, but don’t want to pay for just yet (unless it’s not too far out there)

Can lights be put into classes/groups and have some level of dynamic scripting available? I could hire a lua coder to write the interface for actually changing the colors of the lights as long as some hook was available.

1: Changing the “primary” lights from white, to blue, to green could change the entire atmosphere of the ship.
2: Changing “secondary” lights directed at walls could signify things like red alert, yellow alert…green alert conditions.

So if someone has the ability to do all of these things, and is respected in the community, I would ask how to proceed given a budget of $200 for now. Also, I’m not necessarily asking you to do all of these things for the $200, just to have the ability to do so - so if the work comes along well and I actually do anything with the map, we may be able to continue working together.

Should the same person do both the brush work and the content?

Am I sort of correct on this? Brush work = working with the map architecture, Content = textures

Check with PhilipK. He’s on GameBanana and does a lot of sci-fi stuff. Don’t ask me if he requires payment because I don’t know the guy anywhere near enough.

You’re right on the Brush work part and ’ Content ’ refers to the amount of stuff in an area (models, decals, and brushwork). People usually refer to custom textures as such, or just textures, or materials.

Checking with PhilipK, thanks!

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Oh yeah, this guy is a total pro. Probably out of my league… but it never hurts to try. :slight_smile: Check

But yes, I would pay this guy $200 in a heartbeat. For him to even take on some work at that rate seems unlikely.

Only been using it for a few hours? Wow, you’re learning fast kid.

Keep learning, soon you’ll be making whole maps.

Ehh I didn’t make that ship, I just put some textures on there and deleted a bunch of things. I think it’s not as quite as difficult as I thought it would be (requiring calculus or something) I seem to only be able to delete things or change textures at this point.

Wireframes? Grids? They scare me, man.

With time I will learn a lot and start making some nice edits myself. However, if I did this project as a hobby to learn, at the rate I’m going… it wouldn’t be ready till April or May with hundreds of hours spent in trial and error.

Thanks for the support, doesn’t hurt that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. :slight_smile:

oh yeah heads up if someone named kruma says he’ll do it tell him to piss off

He should have been banned already in my opinion.

Unless he is pming people through the site and then scamming them, I don’t think he can be banned

Not a good reason to not be banned. He’s a scammer. Whether he PMs people through the site or not, he still is, and it’s stupid if he hasn’t be banned for that reason. If he is somehow, for some reason, not breaking Facepunch terms, I mean, he still sorta is…

I highly doubt that Facepunch allows scamming of money. I remember reading a super funny thread about a guy who asked for money and it was a scam, which led to an awesome detective hunt for his information. The OP was banned, also, for the scam, so why isn’t Kruma? He may not be using Facepunch’s PM system, but does it even matter?

I remember that thread, LordoftheFats, I actively took part in that and lead it with some other dude.

I haven’t been able to find a mapper, so I think I might look at other maps for now until I can get someone on board.