Need people for movies!

Im gonna start making some movies add me on steam and we can make some movies they will be funny machinamas!

Uhm… Nah, I’ll sit this one out.

wow… Really why put a 0 in some? Also you dont even put at info of anything on here you could waste our time by filiming some “Garrysmod robot chicken shit” and not even edit it and put it on youtube…

we have a group on steam called ragester for our server and movie making and we make machinimas that are funny and we have an editor and yes they do go on youtube.

oo, why not

ok message me on steam my username is {-[®ªg€]-}DuelinCheese

Garrys mod robot chicken can be amazingly funny and creative, but about 95% of it sucks, because people have no idea what the hell they are doing or just no creativity, originality or overall good scene of humor or ideas. But if people have good ideas and are organized, the video can do well. But im not sure about this one.

Give more information about your group, so people don’t fell like you are gona waste their time. Even if it is not legitimate, make it seem like it.

How can everyone of my posts be dumb? And here is the group website and the steam page

The website and the steam group have no information, what so ever. And just because you have them doesn’t give you or your group any more credibility then before

Oh man, this made my day.

the website is just for the server not for the movies you idiot.


hey DuelinCheese, sounds interresting. Can you add me, because your name is quite difficult to search for?
Mine is: GoldHawk

thread fail?

more freaking info please