Need People To Help With Videos

I need a group of people to help me get started making garry’s mod videos. The videos will be a series, I need a director to assist me then some people to actually star in the videos. I will pay you guys for these movies after they get more popular (USD $$$). If you would like to join just send me an email ( has no relation to these videos. The website to host them will be announced to the cast members and director). E-Mail would probably be the fastest because it is hooked up to my I-Phone, but you could pm me also.

I know some faceposing, and you said money so me being lazy is irrelevant

so you would like to be the director? im gonna use real player models for the cast.

I could give it a try.
We shall speak more of this later. It’s 3 am.

ok but next time e-mail me im not on these forums so much…