Need Perp Gamemode

Hey do enyone give / sell Perp Gamemode For Garrysmod ?

i realy need a good gamemode and no bug

Just a heads up, most people here hate this mode… You could get banned, Just saying.

Short answer: no
Medium answer: no and you should stop trying
Long answer: only if you want to do a ton of work searching for exploits and fixing the inevitably broken code

Okay i just asking because maby there are someone out there some have the Gamemode

Think about link steam name


That’s down for ages.


It’s less work to make your own RP gamemode than pathcing up that old PERP rubbish…

[del]Nope. They finally brought it back up.[/del]
Or it was.

I think your wrong, getting a “Not Found” through tumbler.

Yeah, they did bring it back up, but now it is dead again. Time to wait another 3 months.

Haha, I’ll keep checking there now then.

Whats PERP?

A shitty Roleplay Gamemode that got leaked now people sell it.

Well someone has to own it, why don’t they just ask the dev that made it to sell it to them or does nobody “own or oversee” the gamemode anymore?

I love perp But I’m not willing to spend the time and money on a server for it!

Because the community Pulsar Effect (that’s why PERP is called Pulsar Effect Roleplay) died years ago.

What i dont understand is, if its leaked why aren’t people uploading it everywhere like they did with darkrp. even though darkrp is ‘free’ perp was still released through dramaunlimited but it wasnt released anywhere else… why?