We almost got the server up and running! Only this is that we got an MySQL error?
We got PERP 5.1 with everything needed, but when connecting to the server we meet this
message: “Waiting for account info. It’s a little bit slow but please have patience”

We have a ready MySQL server with the tables that are needed? Please add me on steam (Plastlim)
or PM me here if you can help with this. I dont think its all that hard.

If i remember correctly one of the dramaunlimited links work for sure and in order to get it working you’ll need to put DLL’s on your server (which a lot of GSP’s don’t let you do.)

Thing is you cant get this mod legally, if you dont ask hunts (the original creator).

they work for mee

Is it the DLLs “libmysql.dll” and “gm_tmysql.dll” we got them both registered on our server by contacting the provider and the server would still not work. Is there any other DLL we need?

Also, there are tons of PERP downloads on Dramaunlimited. Which one should i use?

Asterisk Gaming ones since I was dev there and I will miss it.

I’ll set it up for you, add me on Steam

Just got scammed by this guy, 16$. He told me he had Asterisk PERP 5 w/ dlls and mysql.
Turned out he gave me the exact same files as the DramaUnlimited ones that contains neither
tables or dlls.

lmao, got scammed by 12 year old brit kid.

Do you really think there’s the real PERP out there? Hunts stop developing it years ago.

OH god, how did you manage to get scammed?

I am desperate after WORKING PERP files, thats how.

Are you serious? Scamming a guy because he needs help. You should feel fucking ashamed.

I’m going to be nice as possible, but if you’re that desperate for PERP, you should maybe learn some LUA.

Tazy, you’ve just lost the last 1% of respect I’ve had for you (were 99% were already lost due to your shit threads). I’m not out to flame but I’m disgusted by you. So fucking disgusted that you’re scamming people from the community you’re in. It’s like stealing from a shop you work at. You idiot. You’re going to repay those money before anyone will EVER be able to look at you with a straight face again. Take a look at your profile, you’ll notice. This one is going to get hard to get out of, you realize that right?

Heh, he’s just going to remove those comments and no one will suspect a fucking thing.

EDIT: Oh yeah, this is going to become a drama thread.

Surprised to see some people actually care around this community. Well said.

Seems like the guy who scammed me got banned.

He gets out by making a new account.

Fucking asshole . . . . I had working PERP files a long time ago.