Need play-testers for gamemode

Hello, over the past few weeks, me and DrSchnz have been making a gamemode for .:AmB:. clan. This gamemode is now nearing completion and we require playtesters to test the game balance. We are hosting a series of open playtests with games that can support up to 12 people. Below are links for information about the game and the servers and times you can come playtest at.

Help Page
Servers and times(edited periodically), 14th Feb 2010, 7:00PM GMT - freespace09

I already play it since one or two weeks and its really well made, so come and test it. :slight_smile:

Okay, been trying this out now. Few questions/problems idk?

First off, you don’t seems to be able to capture a refinery when not in a team?
Second, tried spawning a turret on top of my base (yes i did build one) And it flew to hell! So i tried to pick it up and put it back, but could not move the shit, would it not be a good idea to make it wireframe, then you place and build it?
You can only see how many money you have if you press Tab? Suggest you always can see it some how?
You might also wanna think about letting ppl start with some money.
Chose your own team color? I got like a gay gray! It sucks!
Progress bars! Ever heart of them? Small things that goes from 1-100%?
How do you fly the chopper, could not get it to work.

I was up for it until I saw “.:AmB:.”

The refinery should not be able to be capped by the team you start as when you join, you must either create or join a team. ResP’s (Money) is shared across your team and start at 750 ResP’s, When making a team you can decide your name and change your colour and add a password so only other people you want to can join.

For the turret issues were in the process of making an entity mover and the helicopter is an external entity nothing to do with the game mode but seeing as other people can fly your helicopter just not you I think there may be a problem while spawning the helicopter so ill have to check that out.

You might wanna add that yo your Help description, that you really need to make a team

Wasn’t a version of this on G4P?

I’m down. Let me test it and I will critique you to the finest abilty I can.