Need portal Tutorial


I searched on the net any portal tutorial and all things I got is a Portal of site web not the game.

Any one know somes good site for making map and stuff like shield (wall like combine for effect) and moving platform wall ?


Read the stick next time.

Let’s see, I googled “Portal Map Tutorial”

You couldn’t find this yourself? I’m really serious about this stuff. By the time you made this thread 2 hours ago and got an answer, you could have found the answer 50 times without having to add to the piles of other thread that ask similar questions, leaving space for the good threads I might add.

I never had to touch a forum once to learn mapping, why should you?

Hell that too.

Thanks very usefull !!

sorry about this.

Edit: Some one know where I can find some list of materials can looks like a shield ?

Maybe type shield into the material browser :downs:…

Yeah but which one can I use ?

Also I have a little problem with some view, where can I remove these red lines ?