need pro lua coder

I need a pro Lun coder to help me code an perp game mode. I’m sorry I can’t pay but you can admin on my server :wink:

… Seriously?

definite troll. i can’t even believe it anymore. it has to be a troll… please be a troll.

I’m pretty pro at lua coding bro. I’ll help you out.


What kind of world do we live on nowdays?

Explain your idea more. What is a perp mode?

Lua king =D

You mean Lun king.

Fucking golden thread.

Hahahaha You’re right Cep

Admin on your server? You mean I don’t have to donate 1 million dollars, give your 2 inch dick a blowjob, and join you in a prop killing game? Gee golly gumdrops, where do I sign up to code the most underused,un generic,totally orginal gamemode of the century?

You have got to be kidding me?? If you cannot throw out money on the table you are not worth even considering.

Awww give the poor guy a break. I had to hire 5 people for free to do some coding fir me and designing utmost and stuff 4 months ago. Because of my idea being a sucsess,I am underage and have my own paypal and have been able to pay 2 of them 30 bucks each. And I still make profit. The moral is he might (MIGHT) get a valuable idea and end up makeing money. Just saying. :slight_smile:

PERP isn’t a valuable idea. Just saying.

Don’t waste your time on PERP, it’s not worth it. Trust me.

Indeed its not as it is one of the worst gamemodes in history, my point is is people don’t need to treat the guy like dirt for asking a question.

hey man i can lua but dnt knw if i can be pro

Garry needs to make a forum to lun so we can learn about that pro language a bit more

Not realy, the GMod wiki and the Lua pil are enough. You can also peak through other scripts if you want.