Need Programmers for Gamemode!

I’m making a Gamemode called Search and Destroy but I’m having a few Problems. If anyone would like to help out, contact me at studioseventy2 - searchanddestroy @ (Without the Spaces).

look somewhere else, we don’t care.

So you’re basically asking people to make the gamemode for you while you sit back as the ‘idea guy’?

technically your not making it at all if your asking for programmer’s/lua coder’s

This guy is an idiot, just let the thread die.

in “we” you mean you?

Nobody cares. This is a contentless thread from an “ideas guy” who will do none of the development and claim he did the entire thing.

The wording of the thread does sort of suggest the OP is having a stab at it himself and has run into a problem. If this is the case I recommend you ask in the Lua forum, probably under Newbie Questions.