Need programs to make a Garry's Mod model. What should I use?

I’m trying to make a few Homestuck models on Garry’s Mod, but I’m not sure which programs to use, or how to make the models at all.

Can someone what to use?

I need:
-Modeling Program ( Free, please. )
-Texturing Program

Thanks in advance.

1.Take 3ds max with student license (it’s free)
2.Take any free graphics program
3.look on yt for tuts

Can I use this?:
-XSI Mod Tool
-GuiStudioMdl, Vtex, Etc.

yes, but i really recommend learning to get simple things into source before you make things like ragdolls, ect.

XSI mod tool just failed at making a model.
Does anyone have a text tutorial on how to make a Gmod model in Blender?

how did XSI fail at making a model?
keep in mind the concepts behind modelling are more or less the same across all programs. Also VTFedit is not a texturing program - it’s for auditing VTF files. You need something like GIMP to actually edit the stuff.