Need proper tutorial on how to use trigger_teleports on props/brushes


actually, if there’s only one type of block that can be snapped together, you could make a little prefab block with triggers on each of the 6 faces and point templates on each. Have each trigger make the point template it corresponds to spawn another block so that it’s attached to the triggered block on the triggered side when one of the blocks comes into range of the block. But you’ll have to make 7 different blocks; one that starts in the stage, that has the trigger on all sides, and one for each side of the block that the templates spawn that’s missing the trigger on the side that will be facing the block it’s attached to so to avoid it spawning and instantly triggering another block infinitely. Oh, and obviously the blocks the template spawns will have to be parented each other; parent them to their own name. And name all the blocks the same thing.

geese, I hope this makes sense. just say so if you can’t understand any of it.

OH, and you’ll have to make the triggers delete the block that triggered them.