Need RagDoll Modelers For New Machinima

L.M.G the machinima group is doing beat it as a tribute machinima to Michael Jackson and we need some modelers to make some characters.
If you would like to help you need be able to do the following.

  1. Be on oftenly ( every day is expected )
  2. Be able to add bones to the model
  3. Be able to make models accurately
  4. Be able to make models as soon as possible

If you suit all of the requirments above and would like to help then please leave you’re steam i.d and i will contact you.

P.S- Anyone who helps to model will gain credits on the movies release.

So you want some poor shmuck to model every last detail for you and you take all the credit for the finished product and all the poor shmoe who spent hours making the model gets a tiny subline mention in the credits, “dun werry datsh shobiz” “well you can take your models and shove them up your fat arse” “ur not getten in the sequal than lolol” Well to me that sounds fine an’ dandy but i don’t think it will to anybody else

Will you pay for the models?

If you really want a character model done quickly and professionally, I suggest you learn how to spell properly, find a site with actual trained freelance character modelers, and be prepared to cough up some dough.

Ok but where would i find them?