Need Ragdoll Vehicle

Ok, so i’m working on a project of making a ragdoll into a vehicle, however, the only ragdoll vehicle I have is the trailer from the hl2 vehicles section, it only has a single physics object for each set of wheels(no steering). Ideally I’m looking for a ragdoll of the HL2 jeep, but any vehicle that has similar physics objects, 4 tires, shocks( so tires are not rigid to body, like the jeep move up and down), body, any info or models are much appreciated.
This has a ragdolled vehicle.

Thanks I think that’ll work

Well I tried it and that would almost work, however, the wheels on the atv’s don’t spin they just pivot, ideally what i’m looking for is a decompile of the jeep and then recompiled without any animations as just a ragdoll, I need a body, 2 back wheels that don’t pivot but only spin, 2 front wheels that pivot and spin for turning, they don’t need to be locked to turn together, i can do that with code. The goal of all this is to make a ragdoll vehicle, which i think would behave more naturally than the standard vehicles in the game. thanks again for any help with this.

why would you need spinning on a ragdoll? That’s far better done with animations.
For the record you can’t have a full spin anyway.

There is a ragdoll that is part of hl2, the wagon, it has 2 axles that i can spin with code making it move, and using animations and simulating a vehicle does work, but having spinning tires makes it behave more realistically. The model i’m talking about is, models/props_vehicles/wagon001a_phy.mdl , they are both straight axles so i can’t turn the front wheels, so I know what I want is possible, I will continue to try and learn blender, but if someone who already knows what they are doing would like to help me out that would be much appreciated.

Here is short video demonstrating a the ragdoll wagon

So just decompile the bloody wagon and see hwo it was done.

Well that is one of my plans, but I was hoping for something sooner, seeing as I need to learn how to make models, but hopefully it won’t take too long. Thanks anyway.