Need record source engine please!

Need help on how to fix on some games an red message that says Update delta not found , it happens if i not record on more than 30 seconds :frowning:

it happens on garrys mod hl2,ep1,ep2

they said it doesnt have fix but anyone know any way to keep it? thanks

GM13 has a built in recorder if you can wait that long.

source engine games

Fraps works fine with the source engine, try recording to an external drive or second hard drive as opposed to the Operating System Drive, I can record any source game at around 80fps max settings, it’s fine.

I’ve got a better suggestion, the Source Recorder.

startmovie [movie name here]

Stick the resulting images and sound into VirtualDub, recieve an AVI.

its startmovie and endmovie? i was thinking it was record and stop. i will try that

Edit : well i record hl2, lost coast episode one, ep2 and everything seems to be screwed for me

it appears something called Update delta not found , and looks very weird theres no sound, weapons do not attack npcs stand doing nothing.

record fraps is still badly for some games i record very slowy and it makes like 10 GB per 3 min video compress takes like 3 gb only and video is laggy

Bumped and edited, on hl2 games doesnt work but it works on another like css,dods,tf2