Need Remodel Left 4 Dead Hunter

If someone could remodel the left for dead hunter ( to look more human, no gaps in his sweatshirt/pants, and human hands/face. Basically just the citizen from the gmod start with the sweatshirt and pants from hunter. new ideas are also welcome.

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the requests" - PLing))

You need to look harder

Thanks! I kept Looking under left 4 dead and hunter but i must of spelled it wrong. The Arms and legs still have the gaps but this is a good start. It would be cool if there were different jackets with other colors and logos.

It’s not a remodel, but it’s the best reskin for it possible.

Is it a player model, that’s what i meant to say, i couldn’t get it to work, but it looks great.

It’s a remodel, he added male_SOMETHING I DON’T CARE’s head.