Need Rigged: Cortez from TS:FP, already in .mdl form, with all textures.

Like the title says, I need one model rigged to the source bone structure. It’s got all the textures and everything, it works in-game, it just needs some bones.

PM me if you want to rig it after posting on this thread. Or just PM me, idgaf.

also, proof of cortez:

I have the model 100% decomplied also.

TS:FP is and will always be one of the best Retro-games ever, god it was so enjoyable to play!

Talked to Cairn on steam; loaded the model up in Garry’s Mod 13/Gmod12/HL2MP engine/mod I am working on and it has no bones. At least, Cortez doesn’t.

Yeah, the one Cortez model that’s already out is very stubborn to pose. Can’t wait for this request to take off into the air!