Need Rust Experimental Server Suggestions

Hello everyone i’m planning on creating a new server and i’ve already learned about basics and i’m still looking to get more information but i couldn’t find any good source to ask my question so ill just ask it here.

First of all how should the server configuration be like i mean like how much ram does it uses for let’s say 50 players ?
Another question is if i use some mod’s like Oxide or another mods will my server display on modded server sections or do i get to choose which section i want to show it on ? And i see in servers they have a mod or plugin which announces kills or shows time etc. so what kind of mod do they use ?

Sorry if i have miskaken on my spellings or English.

If you install any server mod platform, you will appear in the Modded tab. It is possible to fake your tags and appear in the Community or even Official tabs when you aren’t supposed to be, but doing that will get your server IP blacklisted permanently so don’t do it.

Note, however, that rcon tools can provide basic “mod” functionality and do not put the server in Modded, because the server itself is not modified, the tool just listens on the rcon and executes commands either automatically from scripts/triggers or manually by the admin. This is completely allowed, but rcon utilities can only do certain things.

As for what kinds of plugins people use on modded servers, you’d be better off asking on the mod community forums. For example, if you decide to use Oxide, go to the Oxide forums.

Thanks for your answer it was really helpful for me.

And my other question was how should my dedicated server specs be ?