need scriptenforcer bypass

Hello,I need a scriptenforcer bypass.I do NOT care if i get banned from this site for asking for one and i do NOT care if the admins hate me afterwards.I am in need of this so I can use my adminscripts on my dm server.If you can help me in any way I aprreciate it GREATLY.If theres something i can do in return just ask,I might acutally be able to help :D.

Well, if you’re the host you can easily enough disable ScriptEnforcer by putting sv_scriptenforcer 0 in the console.

You’ll need to rejoin the server for the now-unblocked clientside scripts to run.

fine then you caught me…im tyring ot hack on a serv that is full of mingebags…if i use cheatengine to freeze sv_criptenforcer to 0 will it let me use my lua aimbot and luna wallhack?

If you mean on another server that isn’t yours, then no. The values are kept serverside, so it won’t make a difference.

then is there any way that i can disable it?


on a serv that isnt mine

No, it’s like trying to hack your level in world of warcraft, it just can’t be done.

people tlak all the time about script enforcer bypasses and ive seen people use them(hacking on server that aint theres and SE is on and mine wornt work but his does)

There are certain files Scriptenforcer doesn’t check, if you put the hacks into these files you can bypass it.

Don’t ask which ones, I don’t know nor do I care.

does anybody else but funky know what files these are?

I’m pretty sure Garry patched that a while ago

well if they could hack not even 4 days ago on darklands fortwars2 server while SE was on why cant i hack on a simple dm server?

That server doesn’t have script enforcer maybe? Honestly, just don’t join the server.

I remember AzuiSleet putting an aimbot in bloom.lua. That’s probably been patched by now.

this is the easiest and best solution.

Cool people have better methods :slight_smile:

Even though I don’t like hackers… your wrong Scriptenforcer on the server triggers and locks-in Scriptenforcer on the clientside. So yes, cheat engen would work… but don’t forget about VAC! you could be banned from gmod.

Doesn’t run/monitor shit on gmod.

very true

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