Need Scripter For Deathrun Gamemode

before i start don’t bother saying abuse like “u expect us to make a gamemode for free”(because i don’t have the money yet) im not asking for the best deathrun gamemode from the start, anyway i’m starting a new server soon and i need a couple of scripters who are willing to help me out make this server somewhat successful and in the later stages i will pay u for helping out.If u want more info my steam name is ✰DarkShad✰

Just a question, what is your role in this, apart from ‘that ideas guy’?

Why reinvent the wheel? Sassilization has made Deathrun for base before, and Deathrun also exists for Fretta. You can run a Fretta server and only use Deathrun on it. Alternatively, go back to CS:S.

I would just run this deathrun gamemode.

yeah but i would wish to expand on this