Need Scripter

Hello I’m looking for a scripter wich can script a good NPC wich sells Sickness model cars. I’ll pay you 20 USD if you can script me an NPC.

PS: I don’t want some unsearious posts where it says: Learn to script your self noob or something like that. I need a scripter becuase i have no time for scripting and i’m noob at it.

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People here work for more money than that

It’s just a script you can’t say people want like 100usd to make a script

Go learn Lua, then code it yourself. If you want something done… don’t come to facepunch.

I actually do stuff like that for that money.

you didn’t read my thread didn’t you? i said no dumb comments about learn to script your self, i’ve tried and it didn’t work.


Well do you take 100 usd just for making a NPC Store?

Yes. But I’m working on something else right now.


That better be a damn good NPC store, or I´ll sell mine for 100 USD. :open_mouth:

I’ll do it for $90.