Need Server help!!!

okay so i wanted to make a server so i did… im pretty sure i did it fine i followed like 5 youtube vids but the only annoying thing is that when i try to go on the server it just almost loads and its about to finish then gmod crashes and it says “gmod not responding” all i want to know is what could i have done wrong

well plz help


(The BBQ-Team)-(steam ID)

PS: what i did was made the server and edited it on the “server” file (which i downloaded) to change name and stuff and then i click join my own server and it fails on me :frowning:

PPS:do i go on the server a diffrent way cuz im admin?

PPPS:There is no PPPS

You need to install your own prop protections system like simple prop protection. It’s nice and easy. You don’t connect any differently if you are admin. And it should like you messed up a line is setting up srcds please go through it all again. To fix I would recommend renting a server. Sleekervers are really cheap and have great quality I have four servers with them.

When you start the server is there a window that looks like CMD? If there is after it starts, look up command for ASS-Mod, or ULX to make a player owner. If you don’t have and admin mod pick one, and download it (I prefer to use both but that’s complicated to set up) And if you want your server to actually be on the internet, you need to open a port. If you need to open a port just ask me and ill tell you how