Need Server, Managers, and Admins

This was originally going to go up on coder hire but thet said to pot it here so here i am

Hello Im Oxi Clean i am starting a Server In In like a few hours and i have put much thought into this. What i am looking for are 2-3 good server coders that will be able to code really well. im looking for someone that will stick with me and stand by me as the server progresses in popularity if it goes big like for example if you’ve ever herd of the server’s casual bananas or life punch thats what im hoping to do with this project like for example there will be like 3 prop hunt servers, 3 jailbreak servers, 3 TTT servers after the server gets big “remember thats what i hope will happen and what we will push for”. and any profit from donators that we get will be split evenly between us and into the server. Well i hope you are interested in this business opportunity fill out this template and i will see if we can become apart of this great business opportunity.

1.What experience do you have with Coding?
2.What is your age? (optional)
3.How much time are you able to spend on the server?
4.Do you have any references A.K.A. People i can speak to on behalf of your work?
5.What experience do you have with HTML/Website Management and design
6.What is your time zone?
7.(Questions For Oxi Clean)

And if you have any questions for me feel Free to add it too the questions section

  1. im a mastur coder since 2015
  2. female
  3. i dedcate my life to code 4 u
  4. yes johny guaitar wil recomend me 4 service
  5. wut is html?
  6. its day time here
  7. questions are 4 nubs

dont belive me? heres my license

I recommend legion hawk as a master donation stealer

okay i do all da work and fuck that 50% split its obvious u deserve all da chedda cheedda ca$h monay

I actually lol’d at first two replies, good job :slight_smile:

I also lol’d where it says business opportunity. Need I say more?