Need Server Please

I am the creator of the G-Moders. I group of Garrysmoders. We have about 30 people but need a server to go farther. If anyone is willing to donate a server Plz do.

You can stay Admin on it and we wil lnot tottally take over.

We prefer a RP & Sandbox Server. With Rp_Downtown,Rp_Evocity,Rp_CSDesert, And of course GM_Flatgrass and GM_Construct.

Please contact me on steam at (rG)1337 Jester*Plx75_{D}. That is my steam name. Also my email is

Steam Clan Page-

Why not ask for donations?

Dont have paypal or website because of money

Why no Paypal?
It’s the easiest way to donate.
Every community leader -MUST- have a paypal account.

Don’t mean to sound rude, but how can you have nearly 30 members and not have money to set up a server and a website? Surely one of those 30 members has a PayPal account which you could use.

No one, I mean NO ONE will give you a free server.


Also, what is the point in the poll?