Need Server Staff For Gmod Server

I’m looking for people who know what they are doing such as coding or advanced admin commands. If you think you are a decent Coder please PM me then we will discuss what needs to be done and if you think you can do it. If you a really good admin, who is fair happy and doesn’t abuse their own power then please also PM me. for admins I’m looking for people who are 15 and over, if you are under the age limit then you will really need to convince me why you want this position. Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S Looking for decent coders. If you want this position, the things you will be doing is Creating a new fun game mode.

Man, what’s up with all these idiotic posts asking for people to code for them or pay for their servers flooding general discussion now?

Please don’t hate, I’ve been going around on forums for hours, if you see something that is idiotic to you on a forum just simply don’t click on it, thanks

That’s not how thing’s work.

It’s hard to ignore because these threads pop up so often and it’s always the same general responses. If you haven’t been here long, have a summary:

  1. coders are generally freelance
  2. coders want strong payment, offering donations is not tempting
  3. most coders could easily start their own community and have full control
  4. these threads are always really vague and don’t display much planning
  5. coders may be hesitant to join up with people they don’t know with little forum posts

Try coderhire or something.