Need server testers for new DarkRP Serious Roleplay

i have just set up my new darkrp server but there are some kinks i need to work out. If you would go check it out and tell me what you think, that would be awesome. If you could possibly tell me how to fix some of the issues on there, I could provide you with admin for free once the server is complete.

   Ralph's DarkRP Legit




I could come at eh… 6 PM PST (US Time), 12 AM Here. I also forgot I have2 to go to a party tonight :smith:

6pm it is! add me on steam so we can make sure.
steam: Scale_One

DarkRP =/= Serious

its darkrp for now because im trying to get the server stuff right, im actually planning on making my own gamemode.

Well… I could have a look :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to drop in tomorrow and take a peek. (i can’t play on Mon-thurs) I will probably be on around 10:00 PM pacific. ;( lil’ bro hogs the PC during the day.

Sorry about that, will join NOW

If you do make a gamemode which is not based off DarkRP or a edited DarkRP with a different name, then ill join to see if its any good.

Yeah so fucking serious I bet it has a swat job