Need Sever LUA help! Will pay!

Okay, I will pay someone and make them admin in my server if they could config my server. I need someone who I can rely on whenever something donks up. This will be a DarkRP server! This is the stuff I want for my server, add me on skype: mal.zoltan

  1. Cars with car dealer

  2. Custom money printers

  3. Buyable hats

  4. Someone who could make groups, for instance gangs or donator groups.

  5. Someone who can program a donator rank, will split half of earnings with who ever takes this up.

  6. Someone who can enable/disable certain tools for non admin.

I could help, I don’t need the admin I don’t play too much anymore but I’ve done all this for 100000000 servers before - might be an exaggeration though

Pm me we can work something out for free

I can do all of this. Feel free to PM me. I may be able to work something out for free or really cheap.