Need small amount of help on a hammer thing

Well I’m tyring to make a func_tracktrain (its just one block), and whenever I press ctrl-t on it and set it from a Func_Detail to a Func_Tracktrain, but once i set it and click apply it works, but then when I close the properties window and ctrl-t it again it sets itself back to a Func_Detail. The object is part of a group if that makes a difference
( I’m only editing the one item though). Kay thanks.


Press alt enter instead of ctrl t. Ctrl t makes a new brush entity.

Oh thanks, and you were the one who helped me with that material tutorial, thanks for that,

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Well I did that and it opens up another object properties window, but is different than the other one and wont let me edit anything unless I click edit groups which makes me edit something which I’m pretty sure is the visual interface of what colour things are in the 2d view. You sure that’s it?

Also, don’t sign your posts in future. This is the internet, not a letter to your grandma.

Lol, I don’t usually send letters unless I’m forced into it but the problem is solved.