Need smart people help!

Ok, Im new obviously and i’m having a few problems with several downloaded content i got for Gmod.
Heres the jist of them.

1.) The maps for the house pack show up as an error when loaded with pink and black houses and a glitchy environment. And the mpas for Evo city and walmart v5 wont even load fully with out having the entire program end.

2.) The pokemon pack, Megaman 64 pack, and the Lillwasas Christmas Pack will not show up on my menu of ragdolls and such.

Im sure more problems will arise but these are the big ones so far. Please assist and thank you

1st one you don’t have the textures and models.
2nd one did you check the browse tab?

1.) You need Cs:S for the house pack since that is the game that it is based off of.
2.) Not everything should be in addons. Just to let you know. When you hit Q, there are 5 little tabs at the top. Look for the one that is Browse. Look through the folders and eventually, if you did the extraction correctly, see the ragdolls.

Ok so i need counterstrike for the house pack, what about the other two?
and also where do you think i should put the files.

This has been a big help and to add one more problem I seem to be moving really really fast in gmod which hasnt happened before, is there a way to turn that off?

By default you move faster in Gmod than HL2.

Otherwise try typing “host_timescale 1” in the console.

ok, thats taken care of but again, still dont know where my ragdolls are going and why evo city and walmart v5 wont work.

Post your system specs. Evo city and Walmart are big maps, your PC probably just can’t handle them.

And did the ragdolls you downloaded come with a readme file?

There were a few with readme files if im not mistaken but when i looked through them it didnt really make a lot of sense to me.

Read them again. Slowly.

1= Missing shit. Buy more games.
2= They don’t automatically add. You have to add them.


  1. CS:S.
  2. Only if they don’t come with the spawn list to begin with. And you can make one without opening Gmod, if you know how.

Ok, At this point, not concerened with maps anymore, I think i can make do with what i have, Now I just need to know about how to make models or skins apper in garrys mod such as

1.)Citizen Models Hexed
3.)Normal refugee male/female skins

I need to know how to get these to work. Thats all for now until my next problem