Need some advice

Yes I am posting this again, i was banned on my other account with no warning. I am new to facepunch and didn’t know where to post what i needed to post. Please warn me if this is wrong again

I am the Owner of Lethal Gaming AU
We had a coder steal all of our content.

Our Coder:
Steam profile:
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40735032
Steam Name: [R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]

Puddles owner of the other server
Steam profile:
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:52569939
Steam name: Puddles

I think Puddles is the owner of the server but RectangleNacho owns the brand name “Rectangular Storm Gaming” and he stole everything from my server so that he could get his server running.

He Stole everything from the server and broke it by deleting everything when he downloaded it.

Leo and Puddles are responsible for this:
Will Ghost (Super-Admin) got some proof

Of Puddles saying they did.

Leo did not code everything he only really did the printers and a few small things (that i could of done).
All the rest is mine the Jobs, and everything.

I thought Leo was a good guy but now I know he is just an asshole and that he just wanted to steal my server the hole time, Puddles and Leo have been perma banned from the server and will never be unbanned.

Here are some posts i did on CoderHire and Facepunch
Coderhire thread:

Thread on our website

The reason there is one on coderhire is because he stole ModernMOTD and that cost $15 and that is illegal.

So NEVER trust Leo Fisherman, he is a compete asshole and stole everything i have spent so much time setting up.

(User was permabanned for this post ("utt/wrong section/alt of permabanned user" - postal))

You were banned before for Wrong Thread / UTT. (Seems like this would be the right thread though… not sure where else it would go)

Not sure what UTT means though, but that should kinda be taken as a warning, I think.

Please Help us and our community :frowning:

Yeah i am really new to posting on forums, im not really a forum guy and i had just created the acc today i thought it was the right spot. But i thought a warning like someone say move the thread or something but it was just banned

It means Under the Table; slang for really drunk.

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Also, no one is going to help you when you evaded a ban; wait it out.

:frowning: I really need some advice with this

One question before i kindly help you out with your mess, how much time did you put in this server before it got destroyed?

What do you want us to do? Read you a bedtime story and rock you to sleep saying it’ll all be okay? Take matters into your own hands; submit a DMCSA report if it’s that serious. Point is, there’s nothing that any of us can do to help.

Well its been running for around 3 - 4 mouths and i have put most of my time into it.

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I don’t want you to do anything, I just want some advice on what to do. And what is DMCSA report?

Ill think about helping you since this has happend to me when I was young.

Typo there; meant DMCA. It’s a copyright organization. Google it to find out more, gets into a lot of legal stuff.

Yeah 15 :confused:

Couldn’t you ban them from garry’s mod for server abuse or something?

There is no need to be like that, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen everyday and he clearly doesn’t know what to do, also by making this post he’s making some attempt to “Take matters into your own hands” he just doesn’t know how to do so hints why he posted in help & support

No, that’s all private drama. Garry only bans for aimbot/lua hacks.

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Well I’m saying this because this is definitely not the correct section.

Well I’m saying this because this is definitely not the correct section.

Well maybe instead of criticizing him you should direct him where to post such a thing because antagonizing the situation clearing isn’t helping :stuck_out_tongue:

also i don’t think a DMCA would be of any help because i don’t think it has any grounds in Australia

what actions can we take if not ban them?

[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: Yes?
[R|S-O] Matt: Why?
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: Why what?
[R|S-O] Matt: Did you steal LG’s content, and fuck up their server?
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: 1. I didn’t not steal there conted.
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: I coded 60% of there shit.
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: The other shit is addons Main downloaded.
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: 2. Because Frankie and Main have NO respect for there admins.
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: Puddles left because of it.
[R|S-O] -=RectangleNacho=- [LG]: This has been a plan for about a month now.

And i do treat my admins well, its just that i have been on a holiday, you can ask commando to confirm that.
And he didn’t code 60% i did most of it, he did the printers and thats about it.

ok so if you do the coding why did you hire a coder???


Because i wanted him to help me with somethings… Like the printers and some things that i didn’t know how to do at the time.