Need some assistance - PAWN scripting anyone? (similar to LUA)

I am sure that some of you must know and/or can learn PAWN scripting, and if you’d like to be of assistance to creating a SA-MP server, then feel free to alert me. PAWN is supposedly similar to LUA, so… if you can help, I might be able to offer minimal pay; I’m not a rich bastard, but if the server does get going (it’s going to be a Fallout based role play server) and donations come in, cuts will be given out in moderate proportions for his/her services.

Thanks in advance.

From what I read in this the syntax is nearly identical to C++, only weak typed and dynamic. I don’t see the similarity to Lua at all.

Well I believe that San Andreas modified the PAWN to fit their needs, as I have glanced at several scripts in notepad, compared them to some basic DarkRP scripts, and they looked similar. I’m not sure if they even are similar, but apparently it’s an easy code language to learn, if anything, but I do the mapping, manage the forums, and other things, and I don’t necessarily have the time.

PAWN is basically C++ but more basic and shitty, not Lua at all.

Well, if anyone would still like to help me I’d appreciate it.

I think he want’s someone to code some stuff for GTA: SA.

Yeah, I used to code on GTA:SA, the code is a massive clusterfuck in every gamemode/script.

Well, the offer still stands then, I guess.

Isn’t google amazing?

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oh look, there’s more!

…I know about those, I am just asking if anyone would like to earn a quick and easy buck doing it for me as I am too wrapped up with mapping, forum-ing, and et cetera.