Need some Bioshock Infinite Models ported to SFM (I know...I know)

First of all, I want everyone to know that I realize that asking for this is stupid. I’m probably just going to get a bunch of people saying “do it yourself!” and be right back where I started. Well the truth is, I CAN’T do it myself. Literally. There’s a thread on this board that has all the raw models from Infinite ( but I’ve been told by the OP of that thread that would need 3ds Max to port the models I need, and I can’t get 3ds Max to run on my computer. I’m currently running Windows 7 on a five-year old MacBook Pro using Bootcamp, and I’ve got about seven gigs of usable disk space on the partition. Not enough to even INSTALL 3ds Max. So when I say I NEED the help, hopefully you’ll know I mean it.

Okay, here it goes…I need models for the Sea of Doors (specifically the big lighthouse seen here: or a similar model) and the Nursery in Booker’s office for an SFM video I’m making (A music video for “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” if anyone’s curious. For whatever it’s worth I’m at least going to ANIMATE it myself). I have models for Booker and Elizabeth, Anna’s Crib, Booker’s guitar, and other models from the game (all readily available on Steam Workshop) but I need models for those two specific locations in order to do what I want to do. PLEASE HELP.