Need some Displacement help, sewing problem.

Alright, so I’m making a level that has canals between each space of urban action, and I have been working with displacements extensively.

Now, at a T intersection, the fucking displacements simply won’t sew.

I have no idea why not. They just won’t.

The green squares show the displacements that have been sewn with no problem

The situation is pretty much symmetrical on either side, so I have no clue what the problem is.

The displacements need to be on the same level to sew. Also, one displacement can be half the size or equal to the other one to sew.

What do you mean the same level?

I’m pretty sure they are. Ill check though.


Yep, I misjudged the two by 8 units. I feel dumb.

Thanks for the help.

I think he’s saying that they should all be lined up on the x y and z axis. Otherwise it will cause wholes (sometimes) and weird brush issues. Again this is just my thought.

I already helped him with this problem…