Need some example scripts

Okay I don’t need anything complete even i just need a place to start on these. I need these mainly, because I need a starting point or i just need help with it in general.

What i need examples of (Do not have to be very good or complete even):

Player to Player Trade, I need something other than dropping an item.
An Inventory that saves to text, if you don't want to do the text part that's fine, don't need a menu with this unless you want to add it.
A start at a quest system, just need a place to start with this one i have no idea where to start myself. -- need help in general...

I might add more later, but i doubt that somewhat.

Sorry about the not so descriptive title… Didn’t know what else to really name it.

I think the latest version of darkrp had a start on a system just like that

I would like to say… that it was stored innn main, but maybe sv_gamemode_functions? (but that doesnt sound right)

From the sounds of it, that would be a lovely starting point