Need some gamemode to host, any idea ?

Hey guys im thalexs and i own t-servers

and im looking for gamemodes to host, any ideas ?

(as it feels gmod is only darkrp,ttt and murder these days, people only play that)

Also i think ill release one of my servers for free again for anyone that can make a gamemode that doesnt feels like a random, shit, rdm fuckfest .


Make an original gamemode?

Otherwise - prophunt, spacebuild, deathrun etc are all good gamemodes. You could give Sandbox a try – never fails. I’ve had a plain 100% vanilla server up for like over a year now (I don’t even go on it and I have no admins) with an automated daily restart and it tends to have players on all the time.

Im not a coder, neither got one

tho spacebuild, is it fun ?

It depends on what type of person you are. Some love spacebuild and others hate it.

I’m not sure why it matters if you know how to script or not - you can learn can’t you? It’s not hard and you should get the hang of it after editing a couple gamemodes for a few weeks. Even if your code sucks at least you are learning how to do it better each and every time you try.

TTT is pretty good for a decent pop, run a semi vanilla server with popular maps and you instantly get players. I just started making my own custom sweps for my TTT server and people love them, the first thing people do is try to find a plasma rifle.