Need some hackers banned from Official NA1 Stress Test

These people have been hacking for a few weeks now without bans. Well, some of them may be banned but their profile are set to private. These are KNOWN hackers that anyone on the server can attest to. I am linking their profiles as well as a few names I remember them going under. I don’t think posting here will do anything but I wanted to try and get these people banned so the rest of us legit users can actually test and play the game in peace. - LiLWayne/Batman - Thugsalldaway - Garry Newman - Parades as Penguin but is shown as Garry Newman. - Liljohn

There are a few more named like Kimchi(Something) and H2(3 more numbers) from Korea. Not sure if they can do a name look up from server.

EDIT: I also just thought. If they are banned. Then they would have to buy another copy to hack with. So that is free money for Rust Devs!

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the rules sticky, missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

Vac will get them, dont worry.

Garry has stated in a few posts that they cannot simply ban people outright without complete 100% proof that they are hacking. Even videos are not enough evidence, since people can change their steam names. So this post will not amount to much action other than some witch hunting, sorry.

It hasn’t. I don’t understand how hard it is to check every so often for hackers on official servers. They are very easy to spot.

There has to be a way to see if they are hacking from logs or something… He can just log in and see them flying, speed running, or aim botting for himself. If anything an admin on the official servers would go a LONG way. At least until they get some better anti-cheat software.

Look, I’m not saying they are not hacking. Garry is working on fixing this problem with all hackers through, maybe, a partnership with a professional Anti-Hack program group. A lot of people believe they should have admins on the official servers, I’m sure there are reasons they don’t. However for now we don’t, and there is nothing the average user can do except wait for VAC and Facepunch Studios to fix it.