Need some help getting .mdl files into an editable format

Here’s the deal. My brothers and I are doing Payday: The Heist costumes for Halloween, and we’ve got everything figured out but the masks.

So I figure: “Why not just take the model files from the game, delete everything but the masks themselves, and send that off to a 3D Printer?”
I found the character models on, so I’ve now got a set of .mdl and .dx80/90.vtx files for all four characters.
So far, so good.

Now, here’s the problem. No 3D modelling software I’m familiar with uses the .mdl format. (I’ve got Blender and Softimage ModTool, looked around for various Source Engine addons, nothing for mdl files.) Seems like I’ve got to decompile the models.

That’s where I’m stuck: I can’t find any decent tools do decompile a .mdl file with.
The only programs I can find either don’t do what I need, or are so out of date and buggy that they may as well not exist at all.

I made some progress with Cannonfodder’s mdldecompiler (had to use notepad++ to edit the mdl file before it would even load it) but whenever I tried to decompile I get an error. (Unable to load [filename] - No reference decompile)
I’ve been working on this for three days, and I’ve hit a wall.

And before anyone asks, yes, I’ve googled around. No, I can’t find any useful articles.
CAN you decompile a .mdl file? Or am I just SOL with my very clever 3D printing plan?

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Found something that worked: Hooch’s fixed mdldecompiler.

To any poor sod who finds this post after googling around like I did, check the external links on this page: