Need some help here.

Hello people. I need 2 models that no one did. Belgian and French soldiers of the WW2. FOr them, I thought about modifying Taggart’s suit wearing citizens. ANd for that I need help. I can’t do anything ! So, It would be great if someone teach me to do reskins/models. I will ask Taggart’s authorization to do them. I don’t think it will take a long time.

For let you imagine, here’s Taggart’s suit wearing citizens :

And here’s an French soldier :

I know that modellers have a lot of work for the moment but, there is hope. Thanks in advance.

It’s impossible to turn these suit models into a field uniform, how did you ever come to this idea?

I’d rather model it myself (if I could), because I haven’t seen any model of uniform that looks close to this one on the photo.

Also, I want the f’kin requests section back.

Because of the coat. It would be great as an overcoat.

Am I seeing the same pictures as you? The business suit models look nothing like the French uniform. Just because they’re both wearing “coats” doesn’t mean one can be made to look like the other. The collars are all wrong, the business suit coats are too short, and they lack buttons. Plus they’re not buttoned up to begin with.

And that’s not even getting in to the pants…

I’d use coat from RO2, if it wasn’t double-breasted… Maybe german coat from RO1 would work. I have to check.