Need some help here...

Alright, I bought GMod yesterday and I am pretty confused as to what is going on. I joined a server today, and I couldn’t use certain guns because “only respected can use this gun” or “only admins can use this gun” What is “respected” and “admin” and how do I become that? Also, there was this thing that claimed to be an AI program that was talking to me under the name of “Console”. Is that just something more experienced players use to trick new players, or is it the real deal? It was starting to piss me off. Please help.

Respected and Admin is what the name implies. A user with higher rank than normal users. Becoming one is different for each server. In some you can donate money to become admin, in others you just get to know the owner of the server so that he sees you can be trusted.

“Console” is most likely the owner of the server typing through the console. He was probably trying to trick you into thinking that he was an AI. If someone was to make an AI using Lua, they would most certainly not use the console when making the AI talk.