Need some help on a hacking issue

Alright today my community was targeted by this hack group called “MyG0T”. Their community hackforums are located here @

They did the usual banning staff and making themselves owner sort of thing but it got out of hand when they hacked my MYSQL databases also. They stopped the global ban database and even figured out the connection information to it. They also have like “direct” access to my server by changing the server name and even having the RCON. I seriously need some help or some guidance to prevent these hacks. My community was going well and I really don’t want to lose it from these hackers.

What is your host information? If you rent from a host then tell them to reset the RCON password and MYSQL and what not. Other than that, you may have to start over the coding, files, and all of those.

MyG)T professional hacking community

try installing gentoo

We bought the server from the original owner stop trying to hack it back.

Reset everything

Why am I’m not surprised the hackers who hacked my server are actually on here too. I doubt a reset will fix anything.

facepunch mods will ban em

I dont know what to tell you.

Zero didn’t you had a chat spammer a while ago?

You should hand out more info such as what you were running on your server. Software, extensions and more.
That way if someone who actually knows how to help (not me) comes along you’ll lose less time explaining and more time pinpointing the breach/exploit.

Naw I am not releasing any info since the hackers are on this page as I speak.

From what I read they’ve already done the worst that you could have expected but it’s ultimately up to you.

Problem is even if I resetted the server they will do the exact same thing.

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