Need Some Help On A Personal Skin :/

I’m going to make a personal skin on citizen_male_09 (or whatever).
But How would i put all of my textures onto the model? i have some textures on


what modelling studio should i use and how do i slap these textures onto the model?
Oh, and, how should i rig the model?

um if its just a reskin you don’t need to model anything or rig anything, so all you need to do is hex the model name and materials path for the male_09 model, naming the textures you’ve made the same as the ones that are in the same place for the original the textures you’ve made and then it should work fine (you’ll also have to make sure you’ve converted your texture to VTF files with VMT files (based off the original’s ones) to find them, making sure they’ve been altered right so there looking in the right place.

thanks dude

np :slight_smile:

i’m gonna go to bed soon so after school tomoz!